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Mickey Holthaus

"I have a severe mental illness. When I interact with the people at the gym, however, I feel great. I work very hard every day at the gym or at home, and the intense exercise helps make my medications work better. I have even been able to eliminate two of my medications since starting the gym. Myzone has helped to boost my self-confidence.

Myzone has given me a strong foundation to achieve my dreams

Myzone has given me a strong foundation to achieve my dreams. I no longer take blood pressure or diabetes medication, and I feel good being out in the community because of the weight that I have lost. Before Myzone, I would just stay in my house weighing over 300 pounds, but that has all changed".

Lorraine Ripley

“Prior to becoming a mum I was active, but after having my daughter I lost interest in exercise and didn’t shift any of the weight I gained during pregnancy at all. I gave up smoking up nine years ago and the weight piled on even more.

In all honesty, I wasn't overly keen on using MYZONE. I was very overweight and conscious of how I looked, but I knew I needed to start somewhere, so I bit the bullet and had a go.

MYZONE has given me a new lease of life

MYZONE has given me a new lease of life. I’m a much more confident person now. I’m fitter, more active and have so much more energy. I love the fact that I can run up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath".

Mark Dunne

So where do I start? I have been overweight since my thirties, and over the years I just got heavier and heavier struggling to find the time or motivation to exercise. I did the usual, sign up to the gym in January, go only a couple of times a week, and just potter about on the machines.

The Myzone belt has been a great motivational tool right from the start.

I love the fact that Myzone tracks my progress historically

I love the fact that Myzone tracks my progress historically so I can look back over the month to see the days I have and haven’t trained. I am now almost 8.5 months in and I have lost a total of 47lbs and my body fat has dropped from 38% to 16%. My trouser size has dropped from 40 inch to 30 inch, and I have lost an amazing 13” off my stomach. If I can do it, honestly anyone can".

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